Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring + Sun = BUSY...

This has been a very busy week. Seems like we are outside from sun up to sun down!

On Saturday, Skip and I had a date night. We went to see *Forgetting Sarah Marshall* VERY funny movie! Sunday I spent the day at Julie's house scrapping as always! :)

This week ball practice twice, Taste of Home Cooking Show, Dad's birthday, ball pictures tomorrow, busy, but fun! :)

Wanted to share some layouts I did with the Magic Moments Kit Close To My Heart is featuring right now. It is so beautiful and so easy to put two page layouts together. Here are two I did on Sunday, I hope to get another one done sometime today. It feels great to scrap again! :) Once my scanner gets hooked back up I will hopefully be sharing more layouts soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here we go...

Tonight we became a sports son had his very first T-ball practice. My husband and I sat in the stands and watched the practice as proud parents! :) He did very well too. He and another little boy are the only two that did not play last year so I thought he held his own right along with the others.

It was so cute when he told a girl on his team that his parents were right there. *That's my Mom, the one with the camera!* (BLUSH!) I think I will leave the camera at home until the 1st game. LOL! :)

It sure was a fun experiece for all of us...I think it is the first of many, many years of sitting on bleachers cheering on my favorite sports star! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally! Some scrap room pics...

Sorry it has taken so long to share my room with you. This little 8 x 10 room has been quite the undertaking. It is still in progress, mainly because I have accumulated too much stuff and have not figured out how to bring it all into my pretty new room and to make look still tidy when I am done! LOL! :)

I will have more pics to show later, but here are some preliminary ones so you have an idea. I noticed that I did not have a pic of my computer countertop in here. If you look at the higher countertop pic, you get a small glance of the lower one. I will get a better pic later.

The display case also has patterned paper holder in the bottom that I have not put back yet.

The wrought iron above the clost space now has KI Memories Soup can on them :)

So, this is my little room. IT makes me happy. If you have any questions...feel free to ask. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Circle of Life...

On Sunday we went to see The Lion King along with my parents. It was truly amazing. Probably the best show I have ever seen. We had awesome seats, 3rd row! My son had the aisle seat and I sat next to him. He was a little nervous to sit in his seat at first because the usher told us to keep his hands and feet in because the elephant is so big it might hit him. So he was unsure and sat on my lap for the first 10 minutes.

I am so glad he did, though, it was something special to be holding him when that curtain came up, the animals walked down the aisle, the sun rose and the singing began. I cried throughout the whole opening.

After he saw that Scar was not going to get to him, he felt safe enough to sit in his aisle seat. He was enthralled throughout the whole performance. My whole family loved it (and that is saying something for my dh and Dad!) :)

The elderly lady sitting behind us reached up to me when it was over and said *You have such a well behaved little boy! I would like to take him home with me!* That made me smile. So sweet!

The 2nd photo is of my son and dh after the funeral at the playground of the church. Kind of ironic how of all the days I could have gotten tickets for that the show happened to be during the time after Skip's brother's passing. In a way I think it was a good thing to see it now. It made the Circle of Life message that more meaningful.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Special Time With The Bunny...

My boy and I had such a wonderful day together yesterday. The first day of Spring and it was absolutely beautiful out! We went to the city, just us two, so he could see the Easter Bunny and we could find a birthday present for my Mom. The mall was not busy and we got there at just the right time for him to get some quality time with the Bunny! :) He was so cute and they were so sweet together. He kept feeling his fur, so soft. I was so happy I took my camera.

Hope all of my family and friends have a beautiful Easter!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Muddin' Weather...

Whoo Hoo...we actually had the sun visiting today! :) Just tiny bits of snow left around the edges of the yard. The boy was playing with friends all day. What fun he had getting dirty...that's what being a boy is all about!

Moved more stuff back into my scrap room tonight. I seriously need to have a sale. Didn't know I had SO MUCH. I need to majorly purge because I can't get it all back into my pretty room. This is HARD!

Hope to have some pics in the next few days. All this sorting is seriously making the scrapping withdrawls worse!!! LOL!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Busy...

I have had my computer off for a few days due to working on my scrap room. The good news is that it is painted for the most part. Some touch ups to do. One counter top is done. Can't wait to get it all done!!!

My baby got his stitches out brave! I hope that is the last ER visit for a LONG LONG time!!! We have library storytime tomorrow night, we'll see if it taught him not to run! LOL!

I actually got to scrap on Sunday for the first time in weeks...I needed that! My friend, Julie, and I went to Archiver's. I got a few pages done. I even won a prize!!! A set of new Autumn Leaves Spring stamps! Cool! :)

I am adding a new layout that I did with CTMH's new stamp of the month, it is beautiful. I did this on Sunday. Also another one I did one Sunday with some other CTMH products and pics of my boys in the snow last Wednesday.

Now I need to go catch up with my buddies at Scraplove! Have a great week! :)