Friday, March 21, 2008

Special Time With The Bunny...

My boy and I had such a wonderful day together yesterday. The first day of Spring and it was absolutely beautiful out! We went to the city, just us two, so he could see the Easter Bunny and we could find a birthday present for my Mom. The mall was not busy and we got there at just the right time for him to get some quality time with the Bunny! :) He was so cute and they were so sweet together. He kept feeling his fur, so soft. I was so happy I took my camera.

Hope all of my family and friends have a beautiful Easter!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Muddin' Weather...

Whoo Hoo...we actually had the sun visiting today! :) Just tiny bits of snow left around the edges of the yard. The boy was playing with friends all day. What fun he had getting dirty...that's what being a boy is all about!

Moved more stuff back into my scrap room tonight. I seriously need to have a sale. Didn't know I had SO MUCH. I need to majorly purge because I can't get it all back into my pretty room. This is HARD!

Hope to have some pics in the next few days. All this sorting is seriously making the scrapping withdrawls worse!!! LOL!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Busy...

I have had my computer off for a few days due to working on my scrap room. The good news is that it is painted for the most part. Some touch ups to do. One counter top is done. Can't wait to get it all done!!!

My baby got his stitches out brave! I hope that is the last ER visit for a LONG LONG time!!! We have library storytime tomorrow night, we'll see if it taught him not to run! LOL!

I actually got to scrap on Sunday for the first time in weeks...I needed that! My friend, Julie, and I went to Archiver's. I got a few pages done. I even won a prize!!! A set of new Autumn Leaves Spring stamps! Cool! :)

I am adding a new layout that I did with CTMH's new stamp of the month, it is beautiful. I did this on Sunday. Also another one I did one Sunday with some other CTMH products and pics of my boys in the snow last Wednesday.

Now I need to go catch up with my buddies at Scraplove! Have a great week! :)