Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disney Days...

Wow..what a fun weekend. These were definitely Disney Days. :)

Last night we went to see *Meet the Robinsons* in 3D. It was such a great movie. Of couse I cried...I am such a sap. Ds really liked it too. Mom went with us while hubby and Dad went to see *300*.

Then today, we went to see Disney on was incredible! So much fun! We had the best seats in the house...front row, right on the ice. Geppetto wanted to take my son home with him because he thought he was Pinnochio...pretty neat! :)

At the end he got to be right next to the rink and shake everyone's hand. That was so cool!!! He was a little shy and kept coming back to the seat, so I went up with him. He would keep hugging me and smiling inbetween characters. I got tears in my eyes. So special...I am even more ready to take him to Disney World now!

I took over 100 pics, here are some highlights. The glasses one is from the movie...too cute, he actually kept them on and was interested in the whole movie!
The sword he got and shaking Buzz Lightyear's hand were the best parts for him. (He liked the whale in Pinnochio too, but I didn't get very good shots of that!)

Being a Mom gives me the chance to be a kid again! :) Love it!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Milestone and Signs of SPRING???

Last weekend was Easter...first one I can remember with snow on the ground. The egg hunt was fun in the snow. :)

Dh and I have now been married for 10 years and 2 days...hard to believe. Time goes sooo very fast!

Today surprise, IS SNOWING AGAIN!!! UGH! There is quite a bit on the ground, I had to go out and take some pics.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Seems like the past two days have been a time for changes in many ways...
The first is evident in this picture. The past week has been beautiful 70 + degree weather. Today...SNOW and 26 degrees! ACK! Just had to pose Superman out to get a pic of it. This will be a great addition to my Everyday in April album I am working on. :)

The other changes are what might be coming realating to my design job at the LSS...after 3 years I might be ending my time there, I just think it may be time. Bittersweet, I guess... we'll see what happens.